Speed. Quality. Affordability.

to choose

  • Speed of integration

    Time is money. Our experience and expertise guarantee full scale integration with every client’s business process within the preassigned time frames. Only proven and effective solutions.

  • Easy to use

    Call center will become the most simple and transparent devision of your business. You can get any statistics within two clicks, forecastable costs and immediate responces to your requests.

  • Reasonable cost of the service

    You pay only for actual work and results according to the straight tarifs from the contract.

  • Scalability

    The scalability of the work load according to the seasonable changes and business development is considered at the very start of the project. We are ready for everything: growth of sales, new stores or new partners.

  • Functionality

    Huge experience and variety of clients have tought us to work under any conditions and with any business process. It’s impossible to surprise us. We are your sales and marketing department, your secretary, your voice and reliable partner.

Case studies

Variety of service trades
Autoservices and dealers
Real Estate
Advertisement and events
Medical institutions
Finance and investment
Outsoursing call centers
Transports and logistics